Break & Fox - Code Red

New ammo dropping on Symmetry featuring one of Break’s favourite vocalists, the unique MC Fox. This colab, a long time in the pipeline, draws on classic jungle elements fuzed with modern sonics and a weighty flow from Fox on the mic.

Code Red has gained strong support from Dj’s right across the scene, and received instantly positive reactions from club plays this autumn. Break nails a big wall of sound on this record with layers of sub bass and crisp beats glued with Fox’s authentic and bassy timbre. Break went the extra mile creating the drum breaks from scratch on this track, recording various drums and tambourines for a familiar but unique DnB sound.

An exclusive Dub version of the track is available peppered with vocal hooks, dubbed out echo and reverb hits for those wanting a more minimal and spacey style.

Pre-Order Date: 20/01/2023

Release Date: 27/01/2023